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Part A - Personal Information
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Part C - Continuing Professional Development
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Part D - FCAN Membership Elligibility
If you answer YES to any of the below, you must provide further details to FCAN for the FCAN Board to take into account when reviewing your application.
Part E - Declaration
  • The information that has been provided, and on any attachments to it, is complete and correct in every detail
  • I have accessed and read the FCAN Membership Policy and FCAN Supervision Policy
  • I understand that I am required to renew my membership annually on 1 July
  • I have read the Code of Ethical Practice for Financial Counsellors and agree to uphold them
  • I have read the FCAN Constitution and agree to be bound by the conditions of the Constitution
  • I am aware that I must advise FCAN immediately of a change in circumstances relating to any information I have provided in or with this application
  • I have no objection to any relevant person(s) being contacted to assist in determining my eligibility for membership
  • I understand that FCAN may, at times, need to discuss my membership with my service/agency management
  • I understand that my membership will not be approved until all parts of this registration are complete and payment has been processed
Part F - FCAN Communications